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Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling, Inc.
Fast, Affordable Pool Heater Service and Installation

Keep your Pool temperature Comfortable with our Pool Heater Service and Warranty work

Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling Inc. is the local warranty service specialist for most pool heaters in the market. The Northern Team also teams with over a dozen pool companies to service their customers with pool heater issues. Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling, Inc. is located in Walworth, NY, and can save your pool party this summer with just a phone call.

Pool Heater installation in Rochester and Walworth, NY | Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling
Swimming pool heater next to a residential home

Installing a Swimming Pool Heater

Installation of a pool heater takes a contractor who is familiar with all of the necessary requirements. If it’s not installed by a qualified professional, you may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if the unit fails early. It’s amazing how many people have encountered this problem!

Knowledge and Skill

The Northern Team includes licensed plumbers and electricians with experience installing and servicing pool heaters. We will ensure that all valves, gas lines, propane pipes, and couplings are appropriately placed and secured. Your pool heater will meet all of the safety and regulatory standards to ensure that your pool is not only warm, but dependable and secure as well.


Pool Heater repair and installation in Rochester and Walworth, NY | Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling

Heat your pool with an expertly installed pool heater! Call 585-223-4480 or 315-986-1754, or contact us to make an appointment.

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