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Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling, Inc.
Keeping Your Home Cool

Cool Off With an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System

The most efficient AC systems use a forced air furnace for distribution of the cool air through out the house. These systems provide opportunities to filter, humidify, or dehumidify the air. Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling, Inc. services and installs central air conditioning through out the Walworth and Rochester, NY areas.

Keep Your Cool! We now have maintenance agreements! Ask us how you can save 15% on future calls, parts, and labor. You can receive amazing service and save money!

Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling technician repairing an air conditioning unit in in Rochester, NY
Commercial Air conditioning repair services by Northern Comfort Heating and Cooling in Rochester and Walworth, NY

Benefits of AC

Well-maintained, working AC can save lives. Extreme heat can be a contributing factor to deaths. The elderly and small children are especially susceptible to heat-related health issues.

If you live in the Rochester area, you know that summer can be buggy. The filters used in central air conditioning keep insects and parasites out much more effectively than a screen in a window. Another plus? This will keep your pets free of ticks and fleas.

Heat makes our brains slow down and our tempers flare. Increased heart rate and higher blood pressure can lead to aggressive behavior. The phrase, “Cool off!” makes a lot of sense!

You’ll sleep easier in a cool home. Keeping your house between 65 and 75℉ allows your body’s natural temperature regulation to work properly and enhance sleep.

Keeping those windows closed is better for your overall home security. It’s much easier for someone to get in through a screen than a locked window.

Stay cool! For air conditioning installation or repair, call 585-223-4480 or 315-986-1754, or contact us today!

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