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Hiring a licensed electrician for your next home improvement project is a great idea for the safety of your home. Anyone can twist 2 wires together and make a light work. But, it's what they don't know that could cause a fire in your home. Proper use of junction boxes and breakers is key to make your homes electric service run safely.

Recently I assisted in a kitchen remodel. My customer had a nostalgic vent in her ceiling that she was interested in keeping. Just as a precaution I pulled the unit from the ceiling just to check the wires. Her home was built in the 50s which means she has the old wires that aren't covered in plastic.
Sure enough the protective layer on the exterior of the wires had completely rotted away. That fan could have burned the home down. I alerted her to the problem and recommended she use the vent on the new microwave instead.

Her kitchen was also on a single breaker, outlets, and appliances and the lighting was all running on a single breaker in her electric panel. This type of demand can cause the breaker to flip off turning off all the power to her kitchen. So, I unloaded the demand on this one circuit and spread it to 2 new breakers making her system that much safer.

It's this type of care and concern that Carl Priest takes with all of his clients.

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